Upcoming Events

The Evolution Upcoming Events page will feature events that we will be offering to the Evolution Program. Events will range from college tours to tournaments and will be entered onto this page as we lock in each event. It is highly recommended that you continuously check this page for events as each event will have a roster cap to it. Event information will be posted in our newsletters as well.

Please note: events will be listed in order by date and will have a deadline for registration. Some events will be posted early without any fees associated as we are looking to gauge interest in the event while we are in the process of compiling hotel information and all associated costs. To register, simply click on the “Register Here” button to be redirected to the Evolution Portal. Please login to the portal, add the event to your cart, and submit payment!



Presidents Day Challenge

At a time when most of the nation is frozen, Vero Beach offers refreshing mornings and sun-warmed day times for nearly perfect playing conditions.  Teams will compete at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex at Historic Dodgertown and other well maintained regional facilities during this three-day event.  Evolution had the pleasure of attending the event the past two years!  We will be looking to bring combined age groups down on a 10u, 12u, 14u, & High School team. Please note, if enough players sign up from one age group to fill a roster, that age group will be entered as a non-combined roster and teams play at their specific age level.

Location: Vero Beach, Florida

Dates: 2/15 – 2/17

Cost: $195/player

Registration Deadline: 12/31

At Fairleigh Dickinson on November 2nd

Tour Information

Date: November 2nd

Location: Fairleigh Dickinson

Pricing: $165/player

At Holy Cross on November 17th

Tour Information

Date: November 17th

Location: Holy Cross

Pricing: $165/player