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Our philosophy is simple...

Evolution focuses on helping players reach their potential by honing in on development and having fun while doing it. We strive to develop and evaluate players in pursuit of preparation for high school baseball, college baseball, and beyond.

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Our Core Values:

The Evolution Creed

I vow to believe in the process. I am both physically and mentally tough. I’m determined (I) to compete with passion and fire. I stand tall with my brothers always, no matter what. I challenge my brothers, believe in them and hold them accountable (II). As I carve my own path, I will always put my community (III), my brothers first. My brothers and I will always remain focused on our integrity (IV). I desire (V) excellence on and off the field. I am an Evolution Player

Who We Are

Evolution Sports Facility & Evolution Baseball are special baseball training environments led by Phil Price. Both, the facility and baseball program focuses on player & character development, through fundamental instruction and game experience. We offer a development system from ages 9 through 18 years old. Located in West Boylston, MA – we are equipped with two state-of-the-art training facilities dedicated to our players; one indoor facility and one outdoor facility. These facilities provide training tools, exceptional coaching staffs and special programs designed to offer developing players the opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming exceptional baseball players one day. At Evolution, athletes will experience baseball training unique to the offerings in the current market today. In addition to a strong staff of baseball professionals in the industry, Evolution offers a simplistic approach to providing players the best experience available. From instruction, to atmosphere, to overall facility design; Evolution is second to none and can provide all athletes the opportunity to #evolveup.

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