At Evolution, we believe in simplicity.

Success in baseball can be measured by many things.  At Evolution, we strive to teach our members how to take complicated concepts and simplify them in a way that makes sense to each them – which leads them to find their own success in the game.  There are three core concepts in our instruction that we use to connect with our members – BODY CONTROL, LOWER HALF & UPPER HALF.


One of the most important core concepts all Evolution Professionals believe in is body control. Athletes need to be able to control their bodies no matter what position they play. Controlling the body helps control the game. Mastering the movements of the body is a simplistic approach that is stressed even at the highest levels of the game.


Evolution Professionals tailor their instruction to the flow of kinetic energy throughout baseball motions. An athlete’s power is derived from his lower half. It is essential to solidify lower half mechanics to ensure maximum power and injury prevention. Using the lower half properly is also a key element in attaining true body control.


The flow of kinetic energy travels from the lower half to the upper half. Once athletes have mastered lower half mechanics, our Professionals target key performance indicators “KPIs” in upper half mechanics. These KPI’s allow for maximum kinetic flow thus leading to a higher level of performance.  Combined with mastery of the lower half, our members will now be better equipped to have mastery of the body and maximize their potential. 


As members progress through the first three core values, instruction then becomes fine-tuned. Our instructors focus on minute mechanical theories and aspects that can specifically help each member. At this level of instruction, each athlete becomes their own case study. We work within physical limitations, strength, flexibility, and other factors to fine tune each athlete.


KPI’s vary by position, approach, and level of the game. Our instructors have spent numerous years studying and refining what exactly these KPI’s mean and how they produce positive results. KPI’s range from degrees, to speed, to flexibility, etc.


[stm_price_plan feature=”%5B%7B%7D%5D” title=”30 minutes” price=”$60″]
[stm_price_plan feature=”%5B%7B%7D%5D” title=”60 minutes” price=”$120″]

Cage/Lesson Availability

Our cages are unique as they are dedicated to members of the Evolution Baseball program. Evolution offers two 70 feet X 12 feet and two 52 feet X 12 feet wide batting cages.  All four cages are equipped with state of the art netting and turf.  In addition, we can split each cage in half with 10 feet X 10 feet field screens.  This provides the ability to double the amount of available space to satisfy demand of instruction.

Once you become a member of Evolution, you will be provided with instructions on how to set up and schedule your private instruction with one of our professionals.