EVO Development

At EVO, We Believe In Simplicity...


“A different way to train athletes”


Welcome to the EVO Academy. Eligible applicants require the following qualities: Dedication, Accountability, Community, Integrity & Desire

Sound familiar? That’s right. If you want in on the EVO Academy then you must understand our five core values and be a dedicated member of EVO Baseball.

We have a few simple questions for you:

Do you want to be the best player on your team? What about the league? State? New England?

If you answered yes to any part of those questions then you need a plan. If you plan to be the best, then you need to plan how you will become the best.


Our objective with EVO Academy and within EVO Baseball is to provide the opportunity for our members to become the best version of themselves. We relate to that through the pursuit and process of becoming the best version of ourselves through baseball. 

The pursuit and process that each individual undergoes is unique and different to them. That is why the plans we offer to you are different. Here at EVO Academy we take pride in our training and offer a multitude of programs, each one with a plan tailored to an age group.

EVO Academy Offseason Format:

  • Format starts in November and ends mid-March

  • EVO Academy will offer training sessions for both Upperclass & Underclass groups

  • Each session runs for 4 weeks

  • Training occurs one hour per week for each session

EVO Academy Programs:

  • UpperClass Training (ages 14-18)

  • UnderClass Training (ages 11-13)

  • Junior Academy Training (ages 9-10)


EVO Academy Staff: 

Aaron Kaska~ 17U EVO Coach & Program Director

Joey Powers~ 11U & 16U EVO Coach

Scott Manea~ Professional Baseball Player w/ Houston Astros Organization

Jack Rafferty~ 16U EVO Coach

Rich Gedman~ Worcester Red Sox Hitting Coach 

Mike Rocco~ Head Coach @ Assumption

Mike Daley~Head Coach @ Shepard Hill HS

Mariano Riccardi~Professional Baseball Player w/ the Oakland A’s Organization

Chris Koda~ 10U EVO Coach

UpperClass Training Programs (14U & Olders)

Pitcher’s Regime (Pitching):

Offseason training here in New England causes many problems for spring coaches. Pitchers with inadequate preparation compromise their arm’s bill of health from overtraining, overuse, underuse and or unmonitored buildup throughout the cold months going into their high school seasons. the Pitcher’s Regime provides a plan of guidance and execution to not only have your arm ready for spring but also a plan that maintains your throwing arm health into the summer season.

Backstop Academy (Catching):

It takes just one block to save a run, one pitch to steal for a backwards K and one runner thrown out to shut down an opponent’s running game. Backstop Academy offers a throwing program to improve pop time and incorporates a conditioning program with blocking & receiving drills that have catchers prepared by the high school season. 

6A Defense (Fielding):

Degrom, Sheffield, Biggio, Betts, Arenado, Kent, Molina, and many others all have something in common. They were once middle infielders. The 6A Defense provides group training for ANY position player at EVO Baseball. Train like a middle infielder while practicing the specialties of your primary position to become your best version of an athlete on the ball field.

Los Peloteros (Hitting):

This is our hitting session. A hitter is considered “good” when their likelihood to make an out is at 70%. Each hitter in Los Peloteros will undergo a Pelotero Hitting Assessment to identify areas where they can improve. This program does not guarantee you to decrease your 70%. It’s goal is to make your 70% worth of outs better. Led by an experienced cast of coaches ranging from the Professional to Collegiate levels, the staff will discuss methods of execution and further educate you as a hitter in order to find the keys to YOUR kingdom of hitting.

UnderClass Training Programs (11U, 12U & 13U)

Ace Apex Staff (Pitching)

“Throw the ball hard where you want to more often than not”. A quote shared by coaches, pursued by many, but only found under the right tutelage. The Ace Apex staff will provide training that is different from conventional New England pitching lessons. Body control, efficient arm action, and strikes….lots and lots of strikes encompasses our training focus for the 11U-13U EVO members who want to pitch this spring.

The Defensemen

This program is a hybrid training group for any EVO Baseball member who plays a position,  including catching. With the same practice ideology as the 6A Defense, the Defensemen aims to promote and develop athleticism through drills and small group practice formats that originate with the naturally shared SKILLS THAT SCALE for any catcher, infielder or outfielder. Our instructors will bridge the gap of skills and technique that transfers to all positions on the field while also focusing on appropriate specific areas of their prospective positions.

Barrels Academy (Hitting):

This is our UnderClass hitting session. This is the session where ball players put hours of work to become a completely different hitter overnight. Like the competitor who no one expects to win, The Barrels Academy further compliments our philosophy of training athletes in a different way. Much like the UpperClass training program, each member receives a Pelotero hitting assessment along with a customized hitting plan to address areas of improvement.

Junior Academy Program (9U & 10U)

Fundamentals of EVO

Similar to the UnderClass training programs, the Junior Academy promotes and develops the natural athleticism in every ball player. In addition the Junior Academy focuses on the fundamental, basic skills that every player will need as they evolve throughout their baseball experience. The habitual basics established today are likely to remain with them as they grow older. The Junior Academy aims to establish the habits of the EVO Baseball Core Values within its training for players ages 9-10.